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Higher Education Leadership Program

The Higher Education Leadership Program provides guidance in an advisory capacity to predict and anticipate the challenges a new leader may face and develop the strategy to address those challenges in a proactive way.

Many leaders are skilled and experienced at stepping into a new position, but not fully equipped for all that may come with it—the culture or environment in which they are newly operating. Successful leaders must develop an understanding of the strengths of their institution, its prospects and possibilities, and its constraints and problems before implementing any leadership initiatives.

“I know all too well that often, as you advance in higher education leadership, there are fewer and fewer people that can mentor you.  PERC fills that void with talented, valuable, and experienced mentorship.”  –Joe DiPietro, President Emeritus, University of Tennessee System

“As a Chancellor and a leader, Jimmy Cheek understands that above all, that people are important and to be valued, and that leadership is only as strong as the cumulative body of administrators, faculty, students, and alumni that strive for excellence.”  –Margie Nichols, Senior Vice Chancellor Emerita, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“No one is too experienced or too senior, to benefit from the expertise of a mentor.  An objective perspective can provide that confidential setting for dialogue (or discussion) that inspires continued growth within a leader of developing the capacity to unlearn and relearn, shedding old ways and seeking the new and innovative opportunities, which in turn, strengthens the institution.”  –Susan D. Martin, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Classics and Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor Emerita, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“Everyone at a university benefits from mentorship, from the first day undergraduate to the president. Throughout my career I benefited tremendously from and was lucky to have great and effective mentors who helped me overcome my weaknesses, expand my strengths and correct my mistakes.  –Joe DiPietro, President Emeritus, University of Tennessee System

“While I knew how to be a strong academic leader, Dr. Cheek was instrumental helping me to navigate “how” to lead a university. Dr. Cheek helped me understand the context of the particular challenges many universities face today and having someone with whom I could trust enabled me to be better equipped for my leadership role as a new Chancellor.” –Dr Kelli R. Brown, Chancellor, Western Carolina